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  • Adaptogenic CBD Nice Cream

    Part 1 of the "How to take CBD" series. Nice cream made of bananas and dragonfruit mixed with adaptogenic natural supplements.


  • The Truth About Squalane: Is it Ethical? Effective? Sustainable?

    You hear us talking a lot about Squalane- how its clinically proven to deliver CBD to skin up to 40x better than other carrier oils. But why? And ...
  • Ingredient Spotlight: Kaolin Clay

    Find out why this is the "gentle clay" and what you can use it for.
  • Lilibel's 34th Birthday 2020

    I could never have predicted the amount of hard work and dedication it would take to get here, but here I am. Still learning, still making mistakes everyday. Still having those existential moments of crisis where I'm asking, "what the heck am I doing?!" and still having days where I feel completely at one with myself and the universe.
  • My ICE WATER facial morning routine

    1. Dunk face in ice water for 10 seconds 2. Do it a few more times (keep a rag nearby!) 3. Put on clay mask 4. Either put on a CBD facial beauty oi...
  • CBD Honey - Certified Organic

    On CBD Honey - Orange Blossom or Wildflower