CBD Honey - Certified Organic

Every day at some point I make myself some tea. As summer approaches, I've been preparing iced Oolong tea to drink through the day. 

I always add some CBD to my honey, and I take around 100mg per cup. This is considered a high dose but it by no means gets me high! I use CBD as an anti-inflammatory and to relax, since it helps anxiety.

I like to also consume local honey to help me build up a defense against local pollen allergies, so I sourced directly from a farm in Exeter CA that is certified organic. 

G Farms can be found at the Downtown LA Farmers Market every Sunday. 

I have two types of honey from G farms that I'm adding CBD to:

Wildflower: Caramel, tobacco, clove. Tastes as complex as the hundreds of flowers from which it was sourced. A very deep, rich taste.

Orange Blossom: Actually tastes like I'm smelling an orange blossom. I compared it to other honeys that are orange blossom and this one is the REAL DEAL. 

Every 1/4 tsp contains 10mg of CBD.


If you drank tea every single day at these doses, it would last about 1.5 months. You can use less though and just mix with your own honey! Or use it on face masks and skin salves. The possibilities are endless!


These doses are VERY concentrated. It is not recommended to simply eat them (except the 10mg which is a normal dose). The aftertaste of CBD will be strong. Put them in a mask or tea.




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