Adaptogenic CBD Nice Cream

This blog is part of a series I plan to do on "How to take CBD?"

Many people want to try CBD but don't know how.


Part 1 of the "How to take CBD" series. Nice cream made of bananas and dragonfruit mixed with adaptogenic natural supplements.

Things you'll need:

-Food processor (mine us the 3.5 cup Kitchenaid)

-Frozen chopped fruit of any kind (with skin removed)

-Supplemental items such as adaptogenic herbs in my case: Turmeric, maca, reishi, chaga, etc. Powders

-Turmeric CBD Adaptogenic Super Blend (click to buy)

-Some sort of liquid to help the food processor turn it into "cream," I love coconut cream but sub water or milk, whatever you want.

-Optional sweetener, I like local honey or LILIBEL CBD HONEY

Important notes:

1. You don't need much liquid, so dont pre-pour. Try to chop the frozen items THEN add a SPLASH of liquid as you go to get it to start being an "ice cream" like texture.

2. Get creative and use whatever frozen fruits or veggies you want, the possibilities are endless.

3. Really use frozen fruit, not half frozen

4. I use a VACUUM SEALER to ensure maximum freshness so my bananas don't go brown and my dragonfruit stays gorgeous pink. 

5. I did two separate batches so I could have pink and yellow nice cream. I added the turmeric and CBD to the bananas and the honey to the dragonfruit!


This is super easy so let's not overthink it. Put some frozen fruit into your food processor, about half of what you intend to use total. This is so the processor doesnt get overloaded and jam right off the bat.

Start the food processor; if it seems like the fruit is just flopping around, add more fruit. If it starts to blend, add more fruit.

If it starts to blend and its still chunky- now add some liquid. Just a teense, think 1 tablespoon liquid to 1 cup of fruit. Keep adding until it starts to churn like ice cream, you'll know!!

Now that you've gotten it into a texture you like, start adding your items. Add heated honey, powder CBD, and powder adaptogens. Just put the CBD powder right into it the "nice cream" and start the food processor again.

You want the nice cream to be "homogenized," that means that your powders are equally distributed throughout the nice cream. You do this by blending for long enough to where you don't see any loose powder and also using a silicone spatula to scrape anything off the side. Keep blending until you feel its uniform.

Spoon the nice cream into a bowl and FREEZE again. Then get a melon baller and make the cute little picture I posted above.



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