Lilibel's 34th Birthday 2020

This past weekend was my birthday, I turned 34!

I'm not going to say anything about quarantine birthday, I'm sure everyone is tired of hearing about "COVID 19..." instead I will share some thoughts about life up to this point since I turned 30.

I feel that 30 was a huge turning point for me. 30 years is basically a lifetime, its when we reach a point where we are "adults" even if we don't feel like it. I still feel 17 in some ways! 

For me, at 30, I had literally just moved to Berkeley to start my very first job out of college. I graduated with a degree in Chemistry at the age of 29. A cannabis extraction company called BAS Research hired me and moved me to Berkeley to work as a lab technician, distilling THC and CBD oil at the production level.

This was a major life move for me. Prior to that I served in the US Navy for 4 years and prior to that, I was working near to or minimum wage jobs as a retail sales associate or legal secretary. 

The GI Bill paid for my degree. It was the hardest thing I ever did. I did not have much emotional support (thank you Zebedee for yours), but I did have the everlasting support of the professors who believed in me (Drs. Ziebart and Dolgos I'm looking at you!). 

Suffice it to say I gave my pound of flesh getting that damn degree! :)

Since then, I started another company called Beaker & Wrench. We design, engineer and assemble cannabis oil distillation machines in Los Angeles CA. I am the COO and co-founder of this company. Becoming a businesswoman in this industry prepared me to launch LILIBEL correctly, with the right people and assets in place (hello good bookkeeping!).

Since the age of 5 I was always mixing up plants into some special brew; I think my brain knew I was a chemist before I did :) 

So its only natural that I have reached this point in my life, where I can dedicate my time to bringing cannabis skincare to the forefront of our society. I'm an evangelist for cannabis and all plant medicines.

I could never have predicted the amount of hard work and dedication it would take to get here, but here I am. Still learning, still making mistakes everyday. Still having those existential moments of crisis where I'm asking, "what the heck am I doing?!" and still having days where I feel completely at one with myself and the universe.

Its the nature of the human experience; no matter how good we look on social media, we all meet our shadows, some more often than others.

So now I'm 34 and I finally have LILIBEL. I hope that people can find my love for this company and what I'm doing through the products I put out, and the messages I send out via social media. I'm going to just keep dancing like no one is watching, because as an introvert, thats all I can do or I get shy and run away.

I feel as young as ever, but still sense the passing of time. I notice changes in my body and I am a bit more careful than I used to be. But I refuse to lay down! I'm more motivated than ever to take care of myself; I have been in a bit of a slump for the past couple of years. My other company drained the life out of me until I got the right team in place, and I survived two ectopic pregnancies, one of which ruptured. The rupture and subsequent emergency surgery rocked my world and turned it upside down. It took me a couple of years to recover from this, and I'm still not sure if I want to try pregnancy again (I probably will).

For now, I'm going to focus on my brainchild, LILIBEL. I've reached a wonderful place where I can be by myself and focus on these wonderful CBD products. 

Please leave me a comment below, and tell me where you're at in life and what you've learned so far :)

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