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LILIBEL was born from the fires of experience and life learning. Even the name was the result of an epiphany.
 People told Lilibel de la Puente, founder, what she"should do" or "should name" her company. Corporate people, people with MBAs, smart people. But it just didn’t feel right. Nothing felt right, and it was holding her back.
 Lilibel has a background in chemistry, not marketing. She had a serum formulated that all of her friends and colleagues were raving about. But the branding just wasn’t there. One day her friend  said, “Just name it after yourself.” Fine, she did it. 
 LILIBEL is the result of years of experience fighting the war against skin issues. Skincare is a holistic approach- one product won’t change everything. Dietary needs and medical skincare treatments are in synergy with a healthy skincare routine.
 The products are meant to compliment a holistic approach to skincare issues. We hope that you, our customer, can integrate the serum and other products into your lifestyle routine, for a better quality of life.

 About the Founder:
Lilibel de la Puente is 34 years old and lives in Los Angeles, California. She went to Oregon State University where she graduated with a degree in Chemistry. Before that she was in the Navy for 4 years. She has another company she started in 2016, called Beaker & Wrench. She lives with her fiancé and tuxedo cat.